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Déborah Lafont, Editor and certified translator

Deborah Lafont propose des services de révision et de traduction

As a translator certified by OTTIAQ* with a Master’s degree in French and English linguistics, I will edit your texts to convert them into page-turners.

As a great fan of the Harry Potter series, I devoured all of the novels, each one transporting me into the fascinating world of the young sorcerers. Admittedly, I have neither a magic wand, nor magic spells to transform your texts, however, nothing eludes my incisive pen: I will make your texts stand out and your world shine, so that your target audience will immerse itself in and identify with your writing.

* Quebec Order of Registered Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters


You will never run out of words again!

I have always been fascinated by the power of words, the emotions and messages they can convey. Words know no borders. They are there to support your quest and to move you closer to your goals. Using the precise words will make your writing endure. This ensures that your texts will be read again and again.

By entrusting me with the writing, editing or translating of your texts you will no longer need to worry about being at a loss for words or using the wrong ones. I will find your words for you.

If all beautiful stories come to an end, I am convinced that your story (and that of your business) can linger in your readers’ minds far beyond the written page, thanks to the magic of words.

Who can use my services?

I launched DL – Révision & Traduction to support authors, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies and publishing houses in their editing, revision and translation work.

Every client is unique and has his/her priorities. My role is to enable you to focus on those value-added tasks you want to devote more time to. As for writing, it takes time, and I am here to free more of it up for you. I scrutinize your texts, improve on them and submit them within the set deadlines.

Since I enjoy sharing my knowledge, I am fully invested in each and every project I undertake. I assess all of your requirements in order to respond to them efficiently, always with goodwill.

My client testimonials are proof that launching my enterprise was the right decision, and my clients spur me on to offer services of ever higher quality.

Your little magic words

My linguistic playground

I will step into your shoes to write in alignment with your discourse, your values and your reality for the entire duration of our collaboration.

From Belgium, via France to Quebec, I will adopt your voice. I am passionate about lexicology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics and anglicisms. I immerse myself in the varieties of the French language, its accents and its nuances.

As a good communicator, I strive to facilitate our dialogue and to make myself available to ensure a smooth work flow. I am committed to establishing a solid relationship of trust with you, whether you are an author, an entrepreneur, a marketing agency or a publishing house.

A few more words

As a Mompreneur, I believe in the small pleasures of life. I love lingering in libraries to unearth beautiful stories to read. I get inspired by all that surrounds me, by nature, and I see the beauty in simple things, as well as in everyone I encounter. For some reason, I am inexplicably drawn to the complex architecture of bridges, and to contemporary art.

I nurture my view of the world through travelling, in order to learn about unfamiliar cultures. I have had the opportunity to check Scotland and Australia off my list of places to discover, even having lived there for a few months.

Would you like to tell me about your project?

Let us meet to discuss it!

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