DL – Révision & Traduction’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs, authors, publishing houses, and Web agencies with various personalized linguistic services.

Blog articles, technical guides, website pages, manuscripts, childrens’ books, and more; I adapt to your business reality to help you project an exceptional corporate image.

My promise: to offer meticulously proofread or translated texts that meet the highest quality standards because it is my firm belief that well-written texts instill trust and encourage people to take action.

Services Available


Clear and well-composed texts demonstrate professionalism and inspire confidence. My job is to carefully go through your texts to detect any possible typographical errors, to improve sentence structure, to find the optimal words to best convey your message, etc. All this, to enhance the quality of your texts and to ensure a smooth and pleasant reading experience.

Translation comparison

I carefully review and compare the English and French versions of your texts to make sure they have the same meaning in both languages, and that their level of quality is equivalent, because it is important that translated texts carry the same message to your francophone and anglophone customers.


For a faithful and accurate translation of your English source texts into French. As a certified translator, my translations capture the nuances and fine details of each one of your sentences.


To gain confidence in your writing skills, to bring powerful and inspiring ideas to light, to overcome fears and writer’s block, etc., I offer content co-creation, mentoring and coaching services to help you overcome the obstacles that you are facing. I will guide you towards your own solutions, and act as a catalyst to help you go further, faster. Let us discuss your needs together!

Révision et traduction de vos textes et services de coaching
Deborah Lafont, réviseure et traductrice agréée

The power of words

I have always been fascinated by the impact words can have. As the linguistic editor of your texts, I take your success to heart!

My mission: To help you transmit your message efficiently and make your brand shine in an authentic, credible and professional manner.

Your texts reflect the values of your enterprise. They often represent the most efficient mode of communication between you and your readers.

Refining the details down to the last comma is not an option, but rather a must.

Well structured and worded texts are more effective and impactful. They have the power to touch your audience at first reading. Simply put: That is where the magic of words resides, a magic in which I believe!

Free Chat with a Professional Editor

You are launching a new project and would like a professional editor’s opinion? Let’s take a moment together to share ideas and see how we can polish and elevate your texts to help you achieve your goals.

During this free 30-minute discovery call with me, you will get the chance to ask me any questions that cross your mind!

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