Capture the attention of your readers with edited texts of the highest quality.

I put my incisive pen to work for your enterprise to allow words to do their magic. I translate and revise your texts so that they project a professional and authentic brand image.

Texts riddled with mistakes are of disservice to you and do nothing to inspire confidence. On the other hand, well written texts devoid of errors help establish your expertise and create a relationship with your audience. More than that, they can captivate and call to action.


Typos, spelling errors, syntax errors, false friends and anglicisms – I scour your text to find every single mistake and deliver valude-added texts.

By entrusting me with the editing of your documents, you gain time. Not only will you receive high-quality edited content, you will have more time to promote it and thus reach a larger audience.

Clear texts devoid of ambiguity will attract more potential clients.

I offer the following editing services:

  • Manuscripts and white papers
  • Content for websites
  • Service agreements and calls for tender
  • Brochures and/or promotional material
  • Training programs (slides on PowerPoint)
  • CV and presentation/cover letters

Translation comparison

I revise and compare your texts in French and English to ensure that they correspond and have they same resonance, the same feel. I make sure there are neither over-translations nor under-translations, so that your message flows efficiently in both languages.

Thus you improve user experience and more readily establish a relationship of trust with your audience, no matter which language of communication is being used.

Translation from English into French

A professional translation represents a key asset for your enterprise and enables you to increase the reach of your message.

By adapting your English content to your Francophone clientele, you demonstrate high flexibility and credibility. In the use of expressions, nuances and vocabulary, I respect the tone of your texts so that they accurately reflect your personality and that of your brand.


You have the ideas, but prefer to entrust the writing to a professional? I will write relevant and structured content for you with the aim to create a powerful message for all types of media.

Entrust me with the writing of:

  • Short publications for social media
  • Content for websites
  • Biographies
  • About pages
  • Introductions and conclusions of texts

I have a penchant for the humanities and social sciences (psychology, sociology, coaching, neurosciences, education), communication, marketing and art.



Cocreation of content

By uniting our efforts, we will cover larger areas and lend greater momentum to your content. I will be your partner in the creation and development of your texts.

The cocreation of content aims to:

  • Solidify your vision and help find the right words;
  • Nurture your ideas for content and make them come alive on paper or on the web;
  • Boost your current content to make it more impactful.

I will help you find the perfect expressions for your content for social media, training and conferences. When careful thought is put into choosing the precise words in communication they will leave a lasting impression in your readers and contribute positively to building your reputation.


Are you an author or copywriter who needs to overcome writer’s block? I will help you find solutions to understand and overcome your blockages. In order to stimulate your creativity and facilitate your thought process, I will help you establish points of reference to activate the process.

Equipped with my coaching tools, together we will develop and/or validate the message you want to get across in order to establish a clear guideline for your project as a whole.


Build self-assurance and gain confidence in your writing abilities. Whether you write in a personal or professional capacity, writing in line with your values will help you stay motivated in the long term.

As a mentor, I will help you discover what makes you tick in order to unleash your whole potential. If writing is a complex endeavour, you will nevertheless feel more confident to tackle new writing mandates.

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